Welcome to my website.  Most of you will know me as the founder and chief executive of Funny Women which I set up in 2002.  Funny Women provides comedy expertise to help women and men to perform, write and do business with humour.  I do a few other things as well so this is my personal space to tell you about this.

I write for a number of publications and websites from the Guardian to the Huffington Post, and I talk to businesses and organisations about my ‘accidental’ entrepreneurship; women, humour and power; workplace diversity and team building. I work with some leading companies and organisations delivering workshops, facilitating events, and offering one-to-one coaching for those looking to access their funny bones.

The ability to use humour is enormously powerful and makes you memorable, confident and impactful whether you are entertaining an audience or communicating in the workplace.  I believe everybody has the ability to be funny, whether we realise this or not, and am constantly inspired by what I see on the live comedy circuit.

If you can’t find out what you want to know about me on this site, please call 020 8948 4444 and we can arrange to have a chat over Skype or meet for a coffee.

With thanks to Lightman Photography and Powder & Magazine in Upnor, Rochester for the great pictures and wonderful location (and food!)